Highest Paying Online Degrees to Pursue

Before studying online, you need to weigh in on your options and choose the best courses suitable for your dreams. Aside from that, you also need to choose a course that will not only pave the way for a great career path but for a great future as well. In this post, we will give you some of the highest paying online degrees to pursue to help you make a great decision. 

Highest Paying Online Degrees to Pursue

Computer Systems Technology

A course in computer systems technology can help you land a job in the tech industry. In this course, you can learn about computer design, hardware and software diagnosis, computer application issues and how to solve them, computer architecture and more. There are plenty of job options since technology is pretty much taking over the world. A median salary for your early career can be as high as $65,000. In 2016, there were 139,800 job openings for computer technicians

Information Assurance

Yet another computer-related degree is information assurance. This course gives you a lot of knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, systems risks and assurances, programming, security assessment, and auditing. A cybersecurity professional is detail-oriented and intuitive. You need to learn how to anticipate risks, weigh in your options and come up with solutions way before the threats occur.  The median pay for this job is around $63,000.

Physician Assistant

If you want a career in the medical field, you can choose to take a Physician’s Assistant degree. In this career, you will be qualified to assess and treat patients in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and etc. Finish your degree, get a license, and you can earn as much as $104,860 annually.


Another interesting degree in the field of information technology, a webmaster’s degree teaches you the ins and outs of websites and multimedia. This involves programming languages, web server technologies, web designing, content management, multimedia development and more. The median salary is around $67,990. 

Physical Therapists

Yes, you can become a Physical Therapist by studying online. Many colleges and universities now offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences. In this course, you will learn how to help patients with physical injuries improve their mobility, lessen their discomfort, gain their strength back, and improve their lives for the better. After taking the course and earning a degree, you can complete a residency before you start your career. The annual salary of physical therapists in the United States are around $86,850 on average. 

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