How Much Is the Praxis Test

How Much Is the Praxis Test

Teachers. They play a very important role in our society, and our very lives. They are here to provide children the education that they need for their future. Not only that, but teachers also provide life-changing lessons and guidance.

To become a teacher, there are a number of requirements that have to be met. One of which is taking a Praxis exam. If you need to take this exam, a common question is “how much is the praxis test?” We answer this question, and provide some other key info about it below.

How Much Is the Praxis Test?

The cost of Praxis exams widely ranges from $50 to $210. 

There are certain factors that affect the overall cost of your Praxis exams. These factors include the subjects and the type of tests taken. 

The Praxis Core subjects have 3 subjects, and each subject costs $90 if taken individually. However, if you took a combined test, then it only costs $150.

There are two types of Praxis Subject Assessment exams. The type of exam will vary on the subject. 

There are multiple-choice types of exams, which costs $120. There are also Praxis Subject Assessment Exams with one or more constructed response questions. The latter type is more expensive and it costs $146. 

There are also state-specific Praxis exams like in Pennsylvania and Virginia. State-specific Praxis exams in Pennsylvania range from $50 to $130. Virginia’s Reading for Virginia Educators: Elementary and Special Education (5306) costs $130. 

Praxis Special Education can cost from $120 to $146. There is also a Praxis Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects test which costs $170. Its contents are mathematics, science, social studies, and reading and language arts

If you took those subjects individually, it would cost you $60 per subject. Praxis PLT tests cost $146. 

There are also the Praxis Content Knowledge exams which may cost from $60 to $199.

More About the Praxis Exam

This test measures the knowledge and ability of the people who wish to be teachers. This exam is very important for people who want to be teachers for two reasons.

First of all, this exam is needed for certification. For another, this will help people to enter a teacher preparation program.

Types of Praxis Tests

There are 3 types of Praxis tests. These types of exams are the Praxis core, Praxis PLT, and Praxis Subject Assessment. 

Praxis Core is about core subjects such as core writing, core reading, and core math exams. Praxis Core is more on what you have learned in middle and high school.

The next one is known as Praxis PLT. The contents of Praxis PLT tests are learning theory and teaching practice.

Next is the Praxis Subject Assessment exams. This is more on evaluating a potential teacher’s knowledge of the subject area. 

While each state has different standards for teacher certification, nearly all 50 states accept Praxis testing. Scores are good for up to 10 years after you take the exam.

Additional Costs / Praxis Test Prep

If you want to take a Praxis Test Prep before your exam, there may be additional costs involved with that. There are some free guides and practice tests available online. There are also paid options for materials and/or tutoring to help you ace your Praxis exam.