How To Apply For Online Nursing School

How To Apply For Online Nursing School

In these times we live in right now, online schools have become more of a necessity for everyone. If you’re planning on applying for an online nursing school, we’ll share with you how to apply for an online nursing school.

Can You Go To Nursing School Online?

But first, let’s answer a question that has been on everyone’s mind, can you become a nurse fully online? Yes, you can earn your nursing degree online. However, to become a nurse, or to even progress your RN education, you still have to go through a few on-base courses. 

Now, when you’re choosing an online nursing school or program, you need to look closely into how it works. Be wary of schools that claim everything can be done fully online. Most good programs are hybrid. This is because most online programs will still require you to have in-person learning and clinical labs. 

There are plenty of nursing skills that can be learned online. And there also are a lot to be learned by caring for patients through hands-on experience. If you need flexibility, then an online course is a great option for you. 

What To Look For In An Online Nursing Program

When applying for online nursing schools, you’ll want to do your research. Find out the requirements for each program, the level of experience that the school has when it comes to online learning, the graduate percentage, and the success rate. You also want to check if the school has proper accreditations.

How To Apply For Online Nursing School

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you apply for online nursing schools. 

  1. Do your research and find out the best online school that fits your needs.
  2. Understand how the admissions process works. Usually, admissions for online programs are pretty much the same for on-campus. However, in online school, most admissions are done virtually.
  3. Create a personal essay just like what you would do when applying for on campus schools. And make sure to include it when you submit your application.
  4. Gather everything you need for the application such as personal essays, recommendation letters, transcripts, certificates, training you might have, experiences, etc. 
  5. Complete prerequisite courses. Some schools may require you to complete prerequisite courses for their nursing programs. Especially for associate’s or ADN programs. Expect the prerequisite courses to include Math, English, developmental psychology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and etc. For BSN programs, prerequisite programs may include biology, chemistry, statistics, microbiology, and etc. The required prerequisite courses differ from each university or school, so be sure to review those first. 
  6. Check the course schedule. While it is true that most online programs allow you to have a flexible schedule, you still need to make sure that the program fits your timeline. In many cases, students in online programs tend to procrastinate so planning ahead is a great way to avoid this. 
  7. Review the syllabus. This will help you understand the class format, and what expectations you need to meet. This step allows you to prepare ahead of time and get yourself ready for learning. 

Usually, online nursing programs take up to two years if you’re studying for an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. However, if you’re taking a BSN degree online, it may take anywhere between a year to four years. This depends on your previous educational background. There are also some accelerated programs that are faster.