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9 Helpful College Websites For Students

In the digital age, there are more resources than ever for college students. You can learn about anything with just one click, from history to computer science.

Finding out which websites can assist you with various parts of college life, particularly when it comes to homework, can make all the difference in the world. Here are nine helpful websites you can use in college.

9 Helpful College Websites For Students

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free video libraries, students, coaches, teacher evaluations, and interactive challenges. Khan Academy is especially helpful for students who cannot afford the costs of other online courses. From science to computer programming, Khan Academy provides essential subject courses for students.


MentalFloss is a fantastic resource for learning intriguing information about the world, including food, culture, and science themes. It is primarily a website for students to spend their time learning about new things they may not know about in school. 


Coursera provides online courses from the world’s best universities. The website covers a vast array of topics from business to computer science. It’s one of the best online learning platforms to date.


This educational resource provides students with an alternative to watching television by providing randomized videos on various interesting scientific subjects. It’s a learning platform filled with educational videos that you won’t find anywhere else. 

TED, one of the most famous websites for college students, features inspiring and highly communal information for those pursuing higher education. Watching motivational videos will increase the confidence and knowledge of college students in specific topics. The website features a variety of TED talks from business executives and other successful individuals in their respective fields.

TED is a fantastic resource not just for college students but for everyone.


This website offers college students both academic and skill-based learning subjects. Scholars curate and create the site’s collection of required course materials. In addition, CosmoLearning combines three options: educational materials, courses, and documentaries.


EdX is recognized as one of the most successful MOOC platforms in the world. Massive open online courses, sometimes known as MOOCs, are available to anyone interested in acquiring new knowledge at no cost.

Academic Earth

The website provides online degree programs in a variety of fields, such as accounting and finance, and it gives all of the necessary study resources for specialized subjects. Academic Earth also maintains partnerships with reputable educational institutions all around the world in order to provide course materials for higher education. Students can also watch video tutorials or listen to related podcasts.

Microsoft Academic

The company that created Excel, Word, and PowerPoint now offers one of the top educational websites for college students: Microsoft Academic. The service, which functions as a search engine, collects content from 120 million articles, making it simple for students to obtain knowledge on a single platform. Students can search for the topic directly, and the results will be exhaustive.