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Costs of Getting an Online Criminal Justice Degree

Looking into an online criminal justice degree? You’re not alone.

To protect and serve is more than just a career. For many people, it’s a life calling.

This is why we hope to help you get one step closer to your dreams of getting a criminal justice degree. In this article, we will specifically talk about how to get a criminal justice degree online, what it costs and more.

Getting an Online Criminal Justice Degree

Getting your criminal degree in criminal justice can help open many doors for your career. There are multiple different paths you can take with a this kind of degree. But how much does it cost to get your degree online?

Costs of Online Criminal Justice Degrees

The costs of an online criminal justice degree vary greatly. This is because there are multiple factors that affect the pricing. This includes:

  • The level of degree (ie. bachelor’s vs associates)
  • The institution type
  • Your state residency status

And of course, let’s not forget the additional fee requirements. Let’s discuss these in detail below.

Degree Level

In many instances the tuition for getting undergraduate credits is far more affordable than those for graduate credits. Additionally, online associate’s degrees in criminal justice are more affordable than the bachelor’s degrees. It also depends on the credit hours requirements and how many you need to complete your degree.

Institution Types

Do you have your mind set on a particular school? Is it a private or a public institution? As you know, private schools are more expensive compared to public schools. However, there are instances where private schools can also be quite affordable. For instance, there are less prestigious private schools that cost almost the same as public ones.

Your Residency

There are a lot of public schools in the United States that charge higher rates for online students who do not reside in the same state. The per-credit tuition can go be as much as triple the cost when compared to in-state students. So if there’s a degree program in your home state, check it out first. You may be able to save a lot of money staying close to home (even if you’re studying online).

Miscellaneous Fees

As always, you can expect that there are multiple miscellaneous fees to pay. Even when you’re taking an online course, schools may still require additional fees. This includes application fees, distance learning fees, and more.

Most Affordable Online Criminal Justice Colleges

The following colleges offer the most affordable bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in 2021. The tuition fee for these colleges ranges from $4000 to just below $8000. Please check with each college to see if they have changed their tuition rates.

Metropolitan State University – $4,037 Annual Tuition Fee

The Metropolitan State University is a non-profit with an HLC accreditation. Here, you can take online classes for Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, and Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement for Licensed Peace Officers Track 3. They have a 56% acceptance rate.

California Coast University – $4,725 Annual Tuition Fee

You can also check out the California Coast University’s B.S in Criminal Justice. The school is DEAC accredited, and you can take classes for Criminal Behavior, Forensic Science, Domestic Violence, Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology and more.

Western Carolina University – $5,670 Annual Tuition Fee

The Wester Carolina University is another non-profit with an SACS COC accreditation. You can take classes for Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. The classes offered include Cyber Crime; Geographic Information Systems and Criminal Justice; Issues in Correctional Treatment; Legal Liability in Criminal Justice Personnel; Minorities, Crime, and Social Policy; Stress Management in Criminal Justice.

Georgia Highlands College – $5,970 Annual Tuition Fee

Another non-profit college, you can get your Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree from Georgia Highlands College. They have open admissions, and you can take classes for Courts and Basic Criminal Procedure; Crime and Media; Minorities in United States History; Profiling of Serial Offenders; Terrorism and the Criminal Justice System; The American Police System, and more.

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