What Does Getting a Cosmetology Degree Online Cost?

If you’re aiming to have a career in the beauty industry, or become a licensed beauty professional, then a cosmetology degree is a must. And thanks to the Internet, now you can get your cosmetology degree online!

So, how much does an online cosmetology degree cost? We will tackle that and more in this article.

How Much Does Getting a Cosmetology Degree Online Cost?

Typically, a full cosmetology program can cost around $4,253 for in-state residents and $13,326 for out-of-state programs. This is the average tuition costs at a trade or technical school for cosmetology programs.

However, getting an associate’s degree in cosmetology can cost a lot more. The current annual average ranges from $6,000 to $30,000. However, it is considerably more affordable than some degrees offered today. Especially for four-year degrees.

There are different factors that affect these prices. These include:

  • The state where the school is
  • Where you love
  • How many credits are required
  • The type of school

The average costs mentioned above are pre-financial aid, so there’s still a chance to bring the costs down. There are several financial aid options available for online classes. This is why it is important to do some research first and see if the school you want to attend to offers financial aid.

How Long Does Getting a Cosmetology Degree Take?

Typically, an online cosmetology degree can take a couple of years to finish. The best thing about taking an online cosmetology class is that you can be eligible for licensure even if you only complete a certificate program.

With a cosmetology degree or certificate, you can be a licensed professional. Typically, these programs prepare you to cut, trim, and style scale, facial and body hair. You will also learn about cosmetics preparations, manicures, pedicures, massages, and more.

Additionally, you can become a licensed cosmetologist in specialized or full-service salons. This degree can be rewarding to those who are passionate about the beauty industry, and are serious about getting a career in it.

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