Phlebotomy Training Program Costs

Phlebotomy Training Program Costs

If you want to be a phlebotomist, you don’t have to have a specific college degree. However, you do have to earn a certification from a training program for phlebotomy.

Depending on what type of training you go for, you can complete a training program in as little as 2 months. However, most of them take about a year to complete. 

Most phlebotomists get their certifications through one of three organizations. They are the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, the American Association of Medical Personnel and the American Medical Technologists.

To get a certification from one of these organizations there are other requirements besides graduating from a training program. You’ll also need over 1,000 hours of work experience as well as to pass a certification exam.

If you are planning to go through this training, you’re probably wondering about phlebotomy training program costs. Below, find the typical costs to get your training.

Cost Of Phlebotomy Training Programs

How much your phlebotomy training will cost will depend on several factors. These factors may include the type of training you need, where (school, organization, etc) you take the training program, whether it is online or in-person, and more. 

But to give you an idea, the average cost of enrolling in a certificate training program for phlebotomy ranges somewhere between $300 and $1,400. 

However, the cost of a certificate training program for phlebotomy can cost more than that. Training programs for phlebotomy school can be as expensive as $3,000. 

Online Phlebotomy Training Program Costs

Most of the time, phlebotomy training programs that are taken online cost $300 to $700. The benefit of enrolling in an online certificate training program for phlebotomy is that the schedule is flexible for people who are busy. 

For example, if the phlebotomy student works a part-time job, that person does not have to worry about being late or left behind . You can view the lessons anytime you want. 

However, online may not be the best option. Online phlebotomy can also put students at a disadvantage. In online classes, there is always a lack of hands-on training and experience. And, in phlebotomy, that is super important.

In-Person Phlebotomy Training Costs

On the other hand, the cost of an in-person certificate training program for phlebotomy is a little higher. The average cost of an in-person training ranges somewhere between $700 to something twice as much as that at $1400. 

But the good thing is that it gives you hands-on experience on what you are trying to learn. Also, generally books and lab fees are included.  

Cost of Certification Options

After your training program, you are required to undergo a certification exam for phlebotomy. This is to make you either a certified phlebotomist or a phlebotomy technician. 

The cost of a phlebotomy certification exam lies somewhere from $90 to $200. 

In some states, a licensure exam is also required to be a phlebotomist or a phlebotomy technician. This is to make you an officially licensed phlebotomist or a phlebotomy technician. 

The licensing exam fees will vary from state to state. But the average costs of a licensure exam for phlebotomy ranges between $58 to $200.