Top Associate Degree in Online Nursing Options

Top Associate Degree in Online Nursing Options

Earning your associate’s degree in nursing is now more achievable through online nursing programs. 

Most of the time, online ADN programs will require their applicants to have a licensed vocational nurse or LVN license. Some require a licensed professional nurse or LPN license. And, of course, you will need to have professional experience to qualify for an associate’s degree program.

The usual completion time for earning an associate’s degree in nursing online is around 1-2 years. Here are some of the top associate degree in online nursing options that you should check out:

Top Associate Degree in Online Nursing Options

North Central Missouri College

NCMC offers a nine-month ADN program for licensed practical nurses. Their program helps nurses advance their career and their salary potential as well. 

The coursework by the North Central Missouri College includes pharmacology, adult nursing, and, of course, leadership in nursing. While this is an online program, students are still required to visit campus around 2-3 times per semester. During this time, students will perform in a simulation lab. 

Nightingale College 

This college offers ADN programs that combine online learning and local placements for clinicals. They also offer advance placement for those students who already have their LPN license. You can check the classes you can take online on their website.

Arkansas State University

The associate in nursing online program by Arkansas State University is more of a fast-paced, accelerated course. You can finish it within 7 weeks, and you may not need to visit campus during that time.

They offer a 66-credit curriculum that includes courses in role development, microbiology for nursing, nursing mental health, and allied health. 

Northwestern Michigan College

This community college offers online degree programs for full-time ADN students. They offer courses every fall semester. As a student in the program, you are required to attend clinicals and labs around 2-3 days per week. 

Rasmussen College

Another great college to checkout is the Rasmussen College. They offer an ADN course for those who already have an LPN license. You can advance your skills and learnings to earn your RN license. The degree can be earned in as fast as a year with Rasmussen’s hybrid online ADN program.

John A. Logan College

The John A. Logan college offers a hybrid online ADN program, as well as a traditional nursing program. With both of these options, you can choose which one works best for you. However, they only accept a limited number of applicants per year. 

Sampson Community College

The Sampson Community College offers a hybrid LPN to ADN online course every fall. However, only 10 students get into the program every year. To qualify, students must have their LPN license and 2,000 equivalent hours of experience in a medical facility.

It’s Not All Online When You Get an Associates Degree in Nursing

These are some great options to check out if you are looking to get your associate’s degree in nursing online.  Of course, even though these are online programs, you still need to have a set number of in-person clinical hours. The exact number of clinical work hours vary from state to state, and for each college.

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