what can you do with an accounting degree

What Can You Do With An Accounting Degree?

Considering a degree in accounting? It’s a great field of study that opens many doors. Below we look at the question: what can you do with an accounting degree?

Before you start down any career path, it’s good to know what kind of jobs you can get. So let’s take a look at some of the best job opportunities for those with this type of degree.

But first things first, let’s talk about what an accounting degree is. 

What Is an Accounting Degree?

A bachelor’s degree in accounting is usually a 4-year long college program. The focus of study is mostly on business and managing finances. You can land various jobs here related to business roles. Two of the most common are an accountant or auditor. But there are plenty of other options.

By earning a bachelor’s in accounting, you can create a strong foundation of business knowledge that can lead to many career paths. 

What Can You Do With An Accounting Degree?

Here are some of the highest-paid jobs that you can land once you earn that bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Finance Manager

A finance manager is responsible for the company’s overall financial health. Their job is to direct investment activities, review financial performance, and oversee long-term financial planning. The estimated median salary of a finance manager is estimated to be $134,180 in 2020. 

Vice President Of Finance

A vice president of finance’s job is to lead and coordinate the company’s financial planning, debt financing, budget management and reporting back to the upper levels. Vice Presidents of Finance are responsible for a lot of things, as you can tell from the title itself. 

Responsibilities ranging from setting benchmarks to measure performance to working with department managers to develop long-term plans. The median salary of a vice president of finance is about $132,900. 

Chief Financial Officer

A Chief Financial Officer (or CFO for short) is the one who directs a company’s annual and long-term financial goals and budgets. They develop and implement systems in order to maintain the company’s long-term financial well-being. 

CFOs report to executives and the board of directors regarding the financial status of the company. 

To become a CFO, an accountant must first have the highest level of expertise and experience along with a long-standing record of good leadership and results. The median salary of a CFO is right around $127,800.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst works with individuals and organizations alike to make strategic decisions based on shareholder interests, stock viability, growth expectations, competition, and many other factors. 

It is one of the most well-known and go-to careers for people who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. The estimated median salary of a financial analyst is estimated to be $83,660 in 2020. 

Financial Examiner

A financial examiner makes sure that the laws governing financial institutions and lending practices are followed. They also evaluate the health of financial institutions and protect consumers from investing in risky loans. The median salary of a financial examiner is around $81,430.

These are only some of the jobs or careers you can take once you have graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Hopefully these have helped you better understand the career choices available to you if you pursue an accounting degree.