How Much Do SAT Prep Courses Cost

How Much Do SAT Prep Courses Cost?

While more colleges are going test optional, many high school juniors and seniors still opt to take the SATs. And if you decide to take the SAT test, you obviously want to get as high a score as possible.

And, for many, that means doing some sort of prep course or tutoring. If you’re looking into SAT prep, you’re probably wondering how much do SAT prep courses cost.

Below we’ll look at what you can expect these classes to cost.  You’ll find out how much online, in-person and tutoring options cost.

How Much Do SAT Prep Courses Cost Online?

Online SAT prep course are a very popular option. They were pre-COVID and are only more so now.

So how much are these programs? You can expect to pay anywhere from absolutely nothing on the low end to $750 or more on the high end.

The cost will depend on how long the course runs, how many sessions there are, etc. Also it depends on how much interaction you have. Course with an instructor cost more than an option that just gives you prep materials and it’s up to you to work through them.

For example, the College Board, in conjunction with Khan Academy, offers a free SAT prep course online. There is no instructor for this option, however. Just online tools and practice tests to help you prepare for the SATs.

On the other hand, many of the big test prep companies offer online options that cost $500 or more. They include live classes with teachers, one-on-one private chats with instructors, practice tests and other study materials.

Cost of In Person SAT Test Prep Classes

For an in-person class, the cost can vary widely. Figure around $100 on the low end to $1000 or more on the high end. Again, how frequently the class meets and how many sessions there are is a big factor in determining the cost here.

Private Tutoring for the SATs

If you are interested in a private tutor, you can pay for them on an hourly basis. The average cost for tutoring is around $70 an hour.

Expect to pay more than that in big cities with hourly rates over $100. The experience of your tutor will also affect the cost.

If you want lower your tutoring costs, look into buying a package of hours from the tutor or tutoring company. By buying multiple sessions at once, you can often save quite a bit off the normal hourly rate.