how much does osha training cost

How Much Does OSHA Safety Training Cost?

Whether required by your state or done on a voluntary basis, millions of workers take OSHA safety classes each year. Below we look at what these programs cost and some other helpful info.

By far the most common programs types are for Construction and General Industry. These two account for over 90% of the courses taken each year. The other types are for those in the Maritime industry and for Disaster Site workers.

The Costs of OSHA Safety Training

If you’re looking for some numbers, here are some average costs for OSHA training:

For online training, expect the costs to be in the $50 – $100 range per person for the 10 hour training. Figure on it being between $150 – $200 per person for the 30 hour online training option.

As we just mentioned, you’ll end up paying more for in-person training. Here you can expect an average cost per person in the $200 – $250 range for a 10 hour course. The 30 hour training will run around $700 or $750 per person.

How much a course costs is based on a few factors.

One is whether you take it online or in person (with in person training costing more). The length of the course (10 hours vs 30 hours) is another factor. The type training and type of facility you do the training at will also affect the costs.

If multiple people in your company will be taking the course, you can likely get a group discount.

Traditionally this training has been done in person. Either at a college/tech school, union facility or the workplace. However, as with so many things these days, there are now online options too.

While more expensive, the in person option offers some benefits over online training. One is the ability to interact with the instructor and ask questions. Another is that the training can be more personalized for your specific job/workplace.

Types of OSHA Safety Training

The OSHA training program is offered in 10-hour or 30-hour courses. You can take these courses at some colleges and vocational schools, through private training companies as well as union facilities.

How Often Is Training Required?

Requirements here differ from industry to industry and state to state. Some OSHA safety training is required to be done every year. In other cases, taking the course every 5 years is fulfills the requirement.

In general, the higher the risks of harm in your job, the more frequently you’ll need training.