how much does holistic medicine school cost

How Much Does Holistic Medicine School Cost?

Of course, you will need adequate amounts of money to enroll in a holistic medicine program. How much will you need to get you started in a holistic medicine program? What is the average cost of a holistic medicine program? Let’s dive deeper into these questions.

First things first, there are many factors that you need to consider and will affect the total costs of a holistic medicine program. One of the factors is the school or the university. Another factors that will affect the costs include the subject/s that you will enroll in and the degree that you want to get. 

Examples of Costs

At the National University of Natural Medicine, doctoral programs range from around $30,000 up to almost $40,000. The overall costs of the doctoral program for Naturopathic Medicine are $39,443. This includes the tuition fee of $38,396 and other additional charges. 

The total cost of their doctoral program for Acupuncture with a Chinese Herbal Medicine Specialization is $29,011. This includes a tuition fee of $27,144 plus additional costs like cost per credit. Their master’s program ranges from over $11,000 to about $23,000. Their their undergraduate programs are over $11,000. 

In Bastyr University, their doctoral programs range from $19,000 to over $41,000. Their master’s program on the other hand, costs around $30,000. But some schools cost less. Their bachelor’s degree of Science (All Majors) costs $29,820, and their undergraduate programs lie somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000.

The average cost of a holistic medicine program ranges from over $10,000 to $40,000 for graduate programs. While their undergraduate programs lie somewhere from $10,000 to $30,000. 

Types of Holistic Doctors

There are two common types of holistic doctors. The first common type is doctors who are not licensed medical doctors but are considered doctors in their field. 

Some holistic medical doctors do hold a license to practice traditional medicine. Holistic medical doctors follow the philosophy of holistic medicine, but at the same time, they combine traditional and alternative treatments. 

To become a holistic medical doctor, you will need to go to a college or a university. There you will earn either an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree in holistic medicine. 

How Much Does Holistic Medicine School Cost?

If you want to become a holistic medicine doctor, you have to get a degree. In this article we look at how much does holistic medicine school cost for different degree types.

Holistic medicine is more of a philosophy than a type of treatment for a specific disease or various ailments. The philosophy behind holistic medicine is to treat the person as a whole. 

It includes concepts like achieving physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social wellness, contributing to good health, and prevention is better than cure. 

This philosophy also believes that diseases are due to a problem with the whole body rather than a single part of it. It aims to correct the cause of the disease rather than treat its symptoms. 

These are only some of the universities that offer courses on holistic medicine. There are plenty of options. So be sure to do your research and find the perfect fit for your needs!