Holistic Medicine Schools Online

Top Holistic Medicine Schools Online

Holistic medicine refers to a set of philosophies that focuses more on how to cure or strengthen the whole body. This is unlike traditional medicine, where the focus is on the scientific treatment of symptoms. 

If you’re interested in a career in holistic medicine, did you know you can take at least some of your courses online? And, at some colleges, you can earn your degree online.

However, to reach that dream of becoming a holistic medical doctor, you will need to look for a good university or college that offers programs for holistic medicine. Of course, you will need to study as hard as you can. So which universities or colleges offer the best holistic medicine schools online?

Holistic Medicine Schools Online

Here are some of the top universities/colleges that offer holistic medicine programs along with tuition costs

  • Everglades University
    • Tuition per year: $17,600 
  • Arizona State University
    • Tuition per year: $23,483
  • St. Catherine University
    • Tuition per year: $39,554
  • Creighton University
    • Tuition per year: $39,916
  • Front Range Community College
    • Tuition per year: $15,074
  • Prescott College
    • Tuition per year: $31,485
  • American College of Healthcare Sciences
    • Tuition per year: $10,800
  • Saybrook University Hybrid Online
    • Tuition per year: $27,489
  • John F. Kennedy University
    • Tuition per year: $8,500
  • Barton County Community College
    • Tuition per year: $3,584
  • Maryland University of Integrative Health
    • Tuition per year: $21,342

Holistic Medicine Degrees

There are a number of different degree types in the field of holistic medicine. Here is a list of soe of the most common online programs in the field.

  • Certificate in Holistic Nutrition
  • Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Wellness and Alternative Medicine
  • Master of Science in Herbal Medicine

Online Classes

Online classes have been a thing before the Covid19 crisis even started, especially in colleges and universities. But after the pandemic, it has blown up. Everyone is taking online classes.

These classes are convenient for students who want to earn a degree yet, at the same time, are busy with something else they deem necessary. It is a great and ideal option if you have a full-time or part-time job. 

Online classes are also suitable for those who are currently taking care of family, or busy pursuing another passion. With online classes, you can stay home and take the classes there. You can multitask if you want to or just set a schedule since you can take the class anytime you want to. 

Most of the time, online classes have flexible schedules. They can be taken anywhere, anytime, as long as students have access to an internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop.

Sadly, due to the rise of cases and the crisis brought by the Covid19 virus, in-person college and university campuses have to shut down. That is to prevent students, teachers, and pretty much everyone from getting infected with the virus. 

And due to the closure of in-person campuses, colleges and universities have to resort to online classes to continue educating their students. 

About Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine includes multiple concepts. It usually comprises of “prevention is better than cure” and good overall health. It does this with a focus on being physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and socially well. 

To strengthen or cure the body, the goal of holistic medicine is to focus on and fix the cause of a disease instead of just treating its symptoms. The belief in holistic medicine is that a condition is not caused by a problem in a single part of the body but by the whole body itself.