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Alsame Scholarship

Advocates for Latino Student Advancement in Michigan Education (Alsame) is a non-profit organization devoted to making higher education accessible to Latino students in Michigan.

Alsame Scholarship

Alsame is seeking applications from graduating high school seniors who have proven a strong commitment to promoting diversity in their schools and communities. If you are one of these individuals, we hope that you will continue promoting diversity and multiculturalism. Consider applying for one of these available scholarships.

This scholarship is meant to recognize and support students who have demonstrated an interest in the progress of underrepresented groups in the United States through their past actions or educational aspirations. The award value varies annually.

This scholarship has no tuition restrictions. Additionally, the recipient agrees that Alsame may use his/her name and likeness in promotional materials to encourage students to apply for future scholarships.

Range of one-time amounts: $500 to $5,000


  • Be a high school senior
  • Minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.50 is required.
  • On track for high school graduation in Michigan in 2023
  • Hispanic or Latino ancestry

The following should be uploaded with the application:

  • Official high school transcripts
  • Personal Statement (prompt in application)
  • Letter of Recommendation

The Alsame scholarship requires proof of enrollment at a college or university in Michigan before September 15.

Alsame aims to close the gap in higher education for Latino students by offering the following:

  • Serve as a resource for high school and college students pursuing higher education and meet the needs of higher education institutions by attracting prospective Latino students to campus settings.
  • Provide parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators with information regarding admissions, financial aid, careers, housing, student services, retention, advocacy, and Latino student organizations to assist them.
  • Workshops, conferences, and small and large group gatherings should be used to address the culturally particular needs and interests of Latino students.
Alsame Scholarship FAQsAnswers
What is the amount of the scholarship $500 – $1,500
How many scholarships are awarded?Not Specified 
When is the application deadline?March 17
Do you have to attend a specific school to get the scholarship?Yes. Must enroll at a Michigan college or university