Can I Transfer My Online College Credits to a University?

If you have an educational background from an online college or university, you might wonder “can I transfer my online college credits to a university?”

This is one of the frequently asked questions before students decide to study online. 

Taking the big leap from studying online to a traditional college campus opens up a lot of questions. Will all of your credits transfer to your new school? Will your online courses be helpful in your new college experience?.

Online college was good for a while, but now you are ready to go and experience college life on campus. But will all the work you did online mean anything to the university you are transferring to?

Can I Transfer My Online College Credits To a University?

It is a tricky question without a straight answer.

If you are coming from a regionally accredited online college, then there is a chance for your credit to be transferred. It is also possible to transfer your credits if you can prove that those deserve to be transfered. 

The easiest way to know if your credits will be transfer is by asking the university before you enroll. Additionally, it will also help a lot to ask your old school for official documents that they have with regards to the accreditation they claim they have.

Keep in mind that every school is different. So one university may consider your online college credits legit while others may not.

Also, there is a higher likelihood that credits from undergraduate classes, general education classes offered by universities will transfer.

On the other hand, credits such as graduate-level classes, specialty classes, and upper-division undergraduate classes are usually not accepted by transfer schools. Once again, there is no simple answer to this question, so it is best to ask before enrolling. 

Better yet, before applying to online classes or online colleges, ask if your credits will transfer to a university should you choose to transfer in the long run. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

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