Fred Polischuk Scholarship Fund

Fred Polischuk Scholarship Fund

Professional mechanical engineer Avi Polischuk is the owner of R&S United Services, a mechanical engineering firm founded by his father.

Fred Polischuk Scholarship Fund

R&S United Services, a mechanical engineering firm, is now owned by Avi Polischuk, who took over the family business after his father’s passing. After the passing of his father, Avi Polischuk established the Fred Polischuk Memorial Fund to pay tribute to his father’s success.

The Fred Polischuk Memorial Fund was founded in 2014 to pay respect to Fred Polischuk, the founder of R&S United Services, who had passed away due to heart disease in 2013. Children of R&S employees can apply for scholarships through this fund, which paves the way for them to realize their higher education goals.

Only one scholarship was given out that year (2014). Since then, the fund has expanded thanks to several partnerships with various industries and donations. It is now in a position to award many scholarships annually, which enables it to assist an even greater number of young people with the financial burden of completing their education.

In 2016, there were a total of four big scholarships and seven smaller scholarships granted, which is an increase over 2015’s total of three scholarships. One student received the full scholarship amount in 2014, which was $7,500.

Children of R&S employees are eligible to apply for scholarships. To do so, they are required to provide a resume, a list of their accomplishments, and an essay on a subject that the directors of the scholarship fund determine. A significant portion of the scholarship funding comes from R&S, while the remaining funds come from contributions made by business partners, clients, friends, and employees.

In order to be considered for a scholarship, applicants are required to send in a copy of their resume, as well as a list of the significant things they have accomplished. Each year, the winners are chosen on May 30, which was also Fred Polischuk’s birthday.

Fred Polischuk Scholarship FAQsAnswers
What is the amount of the scholarship they offer?Individual awards vary.
How many scholarships are awarded?Not Specified 
When is the application deadline?May 30, 2023
Do you have to attend a specific school to get the scholarship?No