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MBA Changemakers Scholarship

Are you applying for your MBA and wondering what the MBA Changemakers Scholarship is? Then, you’ve come to the right place. 

From the creators of this scholarship, the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), “Are you a changemaker? Are you driven by a passion for the health & well-being of people, our planet, and innovative business and healthcare initiatives? Then our exclusive, globally relevant, and innovative MBA is for you.

Read this article to learn more specifics about this scholarship and how much tuition it may cover.

MBA Changemakers Scholarship

The ACHS established the MBA Changemakers Scholarship specifically to financially assist business owners and organizational leaders dedicated to conducting their operations more sustainably.

The program operates under the triple bottom line – to consider people, the planet, and profits. Although the ACHS campus is located in Portland, Oregon, this MBA can be completed 100% online and remote.

MBA Changemakers Scholarship Coverage and to Who

Recipients of the MBA Changemakers Scholarship will receive a tuition scholarship for $10,000 to pursue the ACHS MBA degree. This scholarship is highly selective and is only awarded to one candidate per year.

Notably, this is the only MBA degree that emphasizes both wellness and sustainability. The scholarship is applied as a credit toward the total tuition bill; there is no cash value. 

Who Is a Candidate for this Scholarship?

ACHS recruited some of the world’s most significant sustainable business minds to build a program for individuals who are not afraid of implementing new business concepts to reshape the business paradigm.

Candidates for the Changemaker program are global citizens who are able to meet the state criteria and accreditation requirements for enrollment at ACHS. ACHS stays true to its holistic roots by conducting a merit-based evaluation of each MBA application. 

In addition to maintaining satisfactory academic standing, it is expected that the recipient of the scholarship will complete 18 semester credit hours during the academic year in which the scholarship was awarded.

What is Required in the MBA Changemakers Application?

The application will consist of a few different elements. You are required to have finished your bachelor’s degree. You will be asked to submit a list of supporting documents, your last educational transcript, along with a professional or academic reference letter.

Fortunately, the program has decided the GMAT is not an accurate indicator of student success, and as a result, they longer require it for MBA programs.

To get started on your application to ACHS, you can access the form here.

Tips for Completing your MBA Changemakers Application

First off, be aware of the application deadline for this scholarship. The current deadline is in Jul,y the year before the program begins.

In the written part of the application, you should include specific examples of how you intend to conduct business in a manner that advances the collective efforts toward a more sustainable future. Demonstrate that you are an entrepreneur or a leader in an organization with the intention of incorporating wellness and sustainability into a business.

MBA Changemaker Scholarship FAQsAnswers
What is the amount of the scholarship they offer?$10,000
How many scholarships are awarded?1 scholarship available per year
When is the application deadline?July 1, 2023
Do you have to attend a specific school to get the scholarship?No, this scholarship is intended for global citizens who are able to meet the state  criteria and accreditation requirements for enrollment at ACHS.