Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarships

Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarships

Are you interested in Colorado scholarships? This article will explore the Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarships, focusing on what they provide and how to apply.

The Partner Colorado Foundation is a private, non-profit organization. They provide financial assistance to individuals and families in Colorado through scholarships, grants, and low-interest loans.

The Foundation offers several scholarships, including Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarships. These are designed to support students who are pursuing post-secondary education.

It also supports organizations that make a practical impact on the lives of individuals. This can be through health care programs, foster care, counseling services, mentoring, food, clothes, and housing, to name a few.

College scholarships are important because they make higher education more accessible and affordable. They recognize and encourage student achievement and help to diversify the student body.

Colorado has a strong commitment to higher education. There are many organizations and foundations that provide scholarships to students.

Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarships

This organization believes that improving people’s lives is a team effort. The Partner Colorado Foundation collaborates to invest in students’ education.

The members of the Foundation believe that solid education is the first step toward leading a more secure life. This starts with a college degree. 

Through its scholarship program, the Foundation provides aid to individuals. This allows them to enroll in an educational institution of their choice and work toward earning a degree in the field of study.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Scholarship winners are selected based mainly on the applicant’s demonstrated financial need.

Yet, they also consider great academics and participation in extracurricular activities. Awardees must be candidates for a degree at a qualifying educational institution.

To qualify, candidates must:

  • Be a permanent Colorado resident
  • Attending school while residing primarily in the state of Colorado
  • Be between the ages of 17 and 40
  • Carry a minimum course load of nine (9) credit hours
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress

Each January, applications are offered online and are due by April 30, 2023.

If you want to apply for a Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarship, you can find the applications on the Foundation’s website here (they have one for high school students and one for college students). You can also contact them directly for more information.

Scholarship Selection Process

In April and May, the Grant Committee reviews applications and offers recommendations.

Scholarships are granted during a special event in May. Scholarships are awarded to students in May of each year, whether they are enrolled in high school, college, or graduate school. 

More Information on Partner Colorado Scholarships

The organization’s annual fundraising determines both the number and amount of scholarships available. The minimum amount awarded in scholarships is $1,000.00 per recipient each year. 

Renewals are available to students who continuously demonstrate they fulfill the standards. The Grant Committee may choose to recommend Board approval for a grant renewal. This is based on the recipient’s qualifications and previous application and award.

Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarship FAQsAnswers
What is the amount of the scholarship $1,000 potentially renewable
How many scholarships are awarded?It Varies
When is the application deadline?April 30, 2023
Do you have to attend a specific school to get the scholarship?No